• Sourcing our Meat

    Here at LJB we pride ourselves on only choosing the best and most responsibly sourced meat for our events. We know how important it is to support British Farming and can guarantee that we only ever purchase from butchers and British Farmers for ALL our meat.

    Our pigs are sourced from a farm local to where we are based. Magness Farm, in Thaxted, is a family run business since 1922 that prides itself on providing high quality, maximum flavour meat whilst also making sure the animals welfare is kept to the highest standards.

    In the Spring/ Autumn/ Summer the pigs can roam outside in large open spaces and in the woodland. In the harsh Winter they are kept in a spacious indoor area.

    They are Fed on natural forage, natural nutritional mix, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.

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  • LJB Charred Hogs - Hog Roast and Events Catering - Family - Ex Military Chef

    LJB Charred Hogs

    A family run business that cares about providing an impressive Hog Roast experience for you, and your family and friends. LJB Charred Hogs is owned by an Ex Military Officer, with high standards and expectations. This reflects in the professionalism your event will be carried out and presented with.

    The idea of LJB Charred Hogs was born in Kenya in July 2021 on my last tour with the military after serving 27 years as a soldier and then commissioning as an officer.

    A group of us were sitting around the fire one night talking about our futures out of the army. Two of these soldiers were top army chefs and suggested a hog roast events business. This discussion spurred me into action back in the UK and LJB Charred Hogs hosted it's first Hog Roast in December 2021.

    From there we have grown, by word of mouth from our amazing customers, to have more and more bookings each year!

    Every event is different and we endeavour to make each and every one special. We spend time speaking to the event holder and tailoring our service to their individual needs.

    I own and run the business myself, and where possible will work with fellow military chefs on the events.